Meet the Maker – Doora

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started Doora?

Doora as a business began when I was looking for an occupational challenge. I have a PhD in sociology and have always worked on questions regarding arts and economic development but after ten years in academia on four continents, I was curious to see what it would mean to practice what I had preached.



Tell us something exciting that you have planned for your line in the next year. 

2017 was all about building my own physical space. 2018 will be about building my online space.

“My clay work is inspired by textiles”

How did you come up with the concept of your design?

My clay work is inspired by textiles. They are part of my heritage: every woman in my family knitted, stitched, sewed… and I had learned it all by kindergarten. Vintage textiles tell stories, they connect us to our past, they ground us and that’s what I want my ceramics to do, too.


How do you keep your creative spark/ What keeps you fascinated?

I mostly do one-of-a-kind work hence every piece is always an experiment, a new material, a new story waiting to be told.


Where is your favorite place in Durham?

I love urban environments. Mornings at the Durham hotel rooftop are very special.

Shop Doora at the upcoming February 3rd Patchwork Market at Fullsteam Brewery and follow Doora on Instagram and facebook! Learn more about Doora and where else you can purchase at

Doreen Jakob Founder of Doora
Doreen Jakob Founder of Doora


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