Application Criteria

All Vendors are Chosen Based on Required Product Diversity

Please include clear information about your products and consistent imagery that compliments your work!

The Patchwork Market is looking for:

Innovation & Originality

Commitment to Independent Design

Cohesiveness & Consistency

Presentation & Professionalism


Speckled Tall Mug – Willowvane  |  Turquoise Stone Ring – Juniper Bay Metals  |  Louna Dress in Silk – Rise and Ramble 

  • One application per vendor. If you are sharing a table, each vendor must have their own individual application. Please make reference to each other and note that you would like to share a table.
  • The Patchwork Market does accept independent stores representing independent designers and fair trade products. If you are an independent store please provide all of the information to represent these designers and makers.
  • If you are a returning vendor, please remember to keep your work updated and create variation, so we can keep the market fresh, new, and exciting for returning customers.
  • Similar applications will be assessed based on the criteria and the number of applicants in the same category. Over-saturated categories (like jewelry) for this reason can be very competitive.
  • All products must be ethically produced either locally or overseas. Please provide evidence of this in your application where possible.