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Meet Daria! Daria is an environmental activist, designer, and founder of The Durham Originals, the brand born to inspire, the eco-lifestyle! Motivated by the simplicity of eco-living and the joy that it brings she works to raise awareness around issues and connect people’s day to day living with the health of the planet. Her products keep waste out of the landfill and bring beauty and a new sense of smart to daily living.


Who or what inspires you and your creative process?

I am constantly inspired by nature + simple steps to help both people + planet look and feel their best! Because when we are good to the planet, it is good back to us in so many beautiful ways. I love browsing for and finding reuse treasures that can be made into something purposeful and can be used over and over again — second hand inspires so much creativity!

“I’m totally in love with the simplicity and function of our reusable utensil kits”

Tell us about your favorite product from your collection.

I’m totally in love with the simplicity and function of our reusable utensil kits — there’s no easier or more fun to way to start a conversation around sustainability either! There is a lot of lively chatter around refusing straws; this takes it to the next level. I just got a slew of new fabrics in, I can’t wait to see how they turn out!


Tell us something exciting that you have planned for Durham Originals the next year.

I’ve been working the majority of this year on self and business study — planning and strategizing for the year to come. Stay tuned for a freshened up The Durham Originals and a campaign for a reuse design studio!


What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?

Getting out in nature is the best creative juice there is for me! My mind is free to think through problems and clarify design solutions with just a vigorous stroll through the woods. I get the most out of it when I bring a journal and seek the silence which can be hard to come by in the city.

Name one resource that your label could not live without.

My mom! She helps with so much and has supported me unwaveringly since the beginning- she believes in me when it feels no one else does and has been instrumental in supporting The Durham Originals production of reuse products.

Find The Durham Originals online at and on instagram at @durhamoriginals and at the upcoming November 3rd Patchwork Market at Fullsteam Brewery! 

Daria, Founder and Owner of The Durham Originals and Her Mom

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