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We are so excited to be working with Jill, of Jill Powell Photography! She will have a demonstration table set up at the Summer Patchwork Market Sunday, August 13th 12-5P at the Durham Armory. Read below to learn more about Jill and her business! Don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate!

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Jill Powell Photography

Photo by Alaina Barth Photography

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started Jill Powell Photography?

With a 10-year career in marketing and graphic design and a master’s degree in digital media strategy, one thing I’m certain of is that strong photography is a key component of a creative business’ success. Over the last couple years, I’ve been inspired to study, practice, and specialize in brand and product photography because I find it plays to two of my strengths: art and analysis. It’s a 50/50 split of left brain and right brain activity.

My mother is an artist, and I’ve enjoyed supporting her career my whole life. I usually find artists and makers to be the people I get along with best. Starting a brand and product photography studio – and DIY photo workshops! – to serve the local creative community is a natural extension of what I know and love. I look forward to collaborating with interesting people to create standout photography for their brands!

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Name one resource your brand could not live without.

For my clients, Canva ( and its little cousin, Canva Photo Editor ( are incredibly simple, easier-to-learn versions of professional graphic design and photo editing programs. Canva tools don’t require any software to use, and they are FREE!

With Canva tools, I can educate my clients on how to crank out graphics and text overlays using an image I created. I can walk them through what to do when Etsy tells them they need a cover photo with a 4:1 aspect ratio! When it’s this easy to spin off graphics, clients really start to see the value in having a collection of brand photos to work with.

Where is your favorite place in Durham?

I really cherish The Scrap Exchange. I walk in there and it feels like home. I don’t literally mean that my home has piles of randomness stacked to the ceiling, but I come from a family of practical folks who find joy in taking what might have been trash and using it to solve a problem. I’ve made so many one-of-a-kind backdrops and props out of bizarre, inexpensive odds and ends from the Scrap Exchange!

When I’m checking out, I always look around and wonder, “What motivated that person to come in here? What are they going to make or fix?” The creative energy in that space is very uplifting!

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for Jill Powell Photography in the next year.

This year I will launch my DIY photography workshops – I’m so excited about helping people resolve some of the frustrations and inefficiencies that are common in DIY photo shoots.

Rather than learning product photography in a generic way, I want teach students techniques and setups that work for their wares in particular. For example, if you make knitted hats, you don’t need to learn techniques for avoiding shiny reflections like a metalsmith does. I plan to teach in very small groups, 2-3 students at a time.

Students bring their own camera or smartphone, and I guide each person in experimenting with my wide inventory of backdrops and props in different natural and studio lighting setups to find solutions they can successfully recreate at home. I want students to get inspired by playing around with different ways to shoot their work, and leave with photography know-how that will benefit them for years to come.

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